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We have created M.O.M.S – Military on Motorcycle Safety – Jesse Wilkes Memorial Foundation.

When you join M.O.M.S you will join a special group of people reaching out to help create safer roads for everyone and assist Veterans and their families pay for rehabilitation costs and Medical assistance.
Together, we can “Protect those who protect us.”
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M.O.M.S. holds information events and fundraisers to raise road safety awareness. We advocate a compelling call for safer roads at dangerous intersections and help Military victims of motorcycle/vehicular collisions with associated medical costs.


Jesse was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and graduated with honors from El Camino High School, Pierce College and Cal State Northridge. In College Jesse became a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Jesse always wanted to give back to his country and joined the Marines, giving 6 years of service including deployment to Afghanistan.

He participated in scuba diving, dodgeball, skiing, bicycling and was an active member of The Silent Natives, (A motorcycle riding club of veteran Marines). Jesse, as a Road Captain, was a conscientious rider who worked at teaching others how to ride sensibly and carefully and have an awareness of their surroundings.


“I was a woman who lived by the tried-and-true belief of what a mother should be – a strong, loving, tender and compassionate superhuman. But, I was no superhero on April 27, 2013, when my 27 year-old son, Jesse Allen Wilkes was struck and killed by a driver a few blocks away from his Condo in Chatsworth, CA. My only child, My proud Marine Sergeant, after returning from serving his country in Afghanistan, was enjoying riding his motorcycle on a sunny Saturday afternoon, when a driver made an illegal left hand turn directly in front of him, he had nowhere to go and we never saw him alive again. I couldn’t fix the biggest tragedy of my life and didn’t have an ounce of magic to change the fate of my son and our family. I lost my supermom cape that day and our future legacy completely crumbled in a matter of moments. No parent should ever have to endure such a tragedy.” –Kimber Lee Wilkes, excerpt from Kimber’s story.


M.O.M.S. ~ Military on Motorcycle Safety / The Jesse Wilkes Memorial Foundation an educational and charitable organization which advocates for the implementation of safer roads and sponsors assisting service members who have been victims of motorcycle / vehicular collisions with associated medical and funeral costs.

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Please contact Kimber Wilkes
Phone: 818-264-6174
Email: jessewilkesmf@gmail.com